Proofreader Recruitment

Job Description:
The proofreaders are PhDs (or PhD candidates) and native English speakers with excellent communication skills. Their jobs are doing the proofreading and improve the readability of the paper. The proofreaders will get paid by PayPal monthly.
What the Proofreaders Do:
a. Correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
b. Check for problems in parallelisms, tense and conjugations
c. Eliminate improper language and poor word choice
d. Conform to customer’s choice of British or American English
1. PhD or PhD candidate
2. Native English speaker; Fluency in English (academic and professional)
3. Strong interest and expertise in scholarly journals
4. Speed and accuracy (complete the work in 3-7 days)
5. Have a PayPal account (The salary will be paid by PayPal monthly)
6. Respect confidentiality and copyright protection of submissions
How to Apply:
Please complete the application form (Click HERE to download) and send it to the email: